Milano, Oslo, London - Satellites, Vertical Farms and Natural Capital

The Natural Capital Initiative Summit

Heera Lee and Mark Rounsevell attended the Natural Capital Initiative Summit in London, UK:

Heera presented: Quantifying cultural ecosystem services in Europe using crowd-sourced photos

Mark presented: Agent-based modelling of adaptive responses to environmental change amongst land managers to explore the balance of ecosystem supply and demand

Mark also participated in a panel discussion:



The ESA Living Planet Symposium

Karina Winkler went to Milano to attend the ESA Living Planet Symposium. She presented her work as poster: " A data-driven reconstruction of global land use change from 1960 to 2015 at 1 km spatial resolution" (use the link to download her poster from Research Gate). Karina was also able to win the ESA Living Planet travel grant to get there. Congratz Karina!





The Vertical Farm Conference

Richard Fuchs went to Oslo, Norway to attend the Urban Future Global Conference with the Vertical Farming conference as side event. Richard wanted to find out the potential of vertical farms and indoor farms for future food production. Find the details of this event here.

The Vertical Farm Conference was different from many other conference formats. This conference contained only key notes and workshops. Here are the keynote speakers and their topics:

Conference/ Workshop Details

  • Plenary session #1 | The Science of Food Production in the City
  • Plenary session #2 | Food and future cities- growing food where people live: what, why and how
  • Workshop 1 Indoor/Vertical Farming Designs and Strategies. Moderator: Joel Cuello
  • Workshop 2 Can Blockchain technology advance Vertical Farming industry? Moderator: Bernhard Hecker
  • Workshop 3 Upcoming technologies and renewable energy in the next generation of indoor farms. Moderator: Ramin Ebrahimnejad

Keynote Speakers and workshop contributors:

  • Dr. Josef Schmidhuber, Ph.D., Deputy Director, Trade and Markets Division, FAO.
  • Ali Ahmadian, Heliospectra
  • Joel Cuello, University of Arizona
  • Andreas Gerhardt, Kairosgreen
  • Per Aage Lysaa, Intravision Group
  • Leo Marcelis, Wageningen University
  • Gertjan Meeuws, Seven Steps to Heaven

Karina Winkler

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Mark Rounsevell

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Richard Fuchs

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Heera Lee

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