Heera Lee

Heera Lee

Heera Lee was a postdoctoral researcher of Land Use Change and Climate research group (June 2017 - Feb 2023). Her research focuses on the interactions between human decision-making and ecosystem services. Particularly, she has been working on the quantification of cultural ecosystem services using social-media data, and synthesis on relationships among multiple ecosystem services. Also, she has contributed to the IPBES Values Assessment as a lead author (https://www.ipbes.net). Her current project focuses on land-based mitigation strategies in Europe using a regional integrated assessment platform (IAP). Before she came to KIT, she worked for the OPERAs project (http://www.operas-project.eu) and received her PhD degree from the professorship for Land Use Modelling and Ecosystem Services at the University of Bonn with a dissertation titled ‘Analysing Trade-offs between ecosystem services in multi-functional landscapes’.

She now holds a position as an Assistant Professor for forest ecology and ecosystem services at the Department of Forestry and Landscape Architecture at Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea.

Email: heeralee@konkuk.ac.kr
Telephone: +82 82-2-450-3753

Publications Heera Lee

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