CRAFTY applications

Competition for Resources between Agent Functional Types (CRAFTY)

CRAFTY is a large-scale agent-based modelling (ABM) framework for the simulation of land use change. It is designed to allow efficient but powerful simulation of a wide range of land uses across large geographical extents, based on the decision-making of simulated land managers who generate a variety of ecosystem services. It is fully open-source and can be used without the need for any programming.


The basic framework is described in Murray-Rust et al. 2014, and the following variations and applications have also been produced:

- Experimental applications: Brown et al. (2014, 2018)

- Application to rubber plantation expansion in Yunnan Province, China: Synes et al. (2016)

- Applications to pollinator-agriculture interactions: Synes et al. (2018), Urban et al. (2021)

- CRAFTY-Sweden: Blanco et al. (2017)

- CRAFTY-EU: Brown et al. (2019, 2021); online interface OSF item

- CRAFTY-Brazil: Millington et al. (2021)

- CRAFTY-Scotland: Burton et al. (in review)

- CRAFTY-GB: Brown et al. (2022); online interface OSF item

- Institutional modelling: Holzhauer et al. (2019)

CRAFTY also forms part of the LandSyMM sub-national to global scale model of the land system (, and has been coupled with the eco-evolutionary modelling platform ‘RangeShifter’ (through the R package RangeShiftR)


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