Our research about global land use change in the spotlight

Read more about it! Here is a short press review, a collection of selected news items:

  1. Carbon Brief “Land-use change has affected ‘almost a third’ of world’s terrain since 1960”, with quotes from Navin Ramankutty
  2. Mongabay “Area impacted by land use change four times higher than previously thought”, with quotes from Karlheinz Erb
  3. The conversation “Deforestation is driven by global markets
  4. Science Alert “Humans Have Transformed Nearly One-Fifth of Earth's Land in Just 60 Years
  5. BR24 (in German only) “Weltweite Landnutzung ändert sich viel stärker als gedacht
  6. NRC (in Dutch only/ paywall) „In het noorden komt er bos bij, in het zuiden verdwijnt bos juist”, with quotes from Peter Verburg


Overall, the article reached an Altmetric score of 600 and is amongst the top 1% of all articles in Nature Communications, with such a news coverage.

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Original Publication:

Winkler, K., Fuchs, R., Rounsevell, M. et al. Global land use changes are four times greater than previously estimated. Nat Commun 12, 2501 (2021).

More Information:

  1. HILDA+ is an Open Dataset, download it here:
  2. Explore the maps in an interactive viewer:
  3. Watch the movie:


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