Greening paper goes viral

Communicating science with the public is an important aspect of our daily work. A recently published paper in Nature Sustainability "China and India lead in greening of the world through land-use management", with contribution of Richard Fuchs, shows how this can work in practice.

The paper currently goes viral and is picked by over 322 news websites in more than 37 countries, read by over 1.5 million twitter users and 130 million reads on Weibo in China, with 28.000 comments. With an Altmetric score over 1300 it ranks now amongst the top 5% of all research output tracked by altmetric.

Some highlights:

Bloomberg (USA)




Xinhua (biggest Chinese news site)


Find here a list with the complete news coverage

And the papers Altmetric score in detail:

(last updated  27th February 2019)


Greening of the Planet

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Richard Fuchs

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