ESA Phi-Week: Using a data cube to assess changes in the Earth system

At the Phi-Week, the latest trends in Earth Observation were presented and discussed by multi-disciplinary communities. During a side event on "Exploring the Earth System Data Lab: Co-designing the data cube idea" chaired by Miguel Mahecha from Max Planck Institute For Biogeochemistry and Gunnar Brandt from Brockmann Consult, the Early Adopter Grant receivers exchanged their findings and experiences with the ESDL data cube. Group member Karina Winkler presented her experiment on biomass estimation using deep learning from reconstructed land use and multiple earth system variables. After getting to know the different use cases, the Early Adopters had the chance to discuss the state and develop a concerted feedback for future developments in the ESDL framework.

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Karina Winkler

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