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Symposium: Towards global-scale behavioural models of land use change

Towards global-scale behavioural models of land use change

Online symposium


Wednesday 15 & Thursday 16 December 2021, 15:00-17:00 Central European Time


Organisers: Dr Calum Brown, Prof. Tatiana Filatova, Dr Birgit Müller, Dr Derek Robinson, Prof. Mark Rounsevell, Prof. Maja Schlüter


This symposium will gather together an international group of researchers to tackle one of the most important challenges facing Earth System Science: the development of large-scale (national/continental to global) land-use models that are based on human behaviour, agency and decision-making processes. Participants will work together to support the development of such models, building on recent advances in theoretical and computational representations of human decision-making to determine which processes and relationships are most important, and how they can best be modelled. 

The workshop will introduce recent work within the behavioural modelling community, and develop specific collaborative efforts leading towards global-scale modelling. Participants are invited to present flash talks and ideas for group discussion, and to complete a brief pre-workshop survey.

Topics to be presented and discussed include:

  • Theoretical frameworks for human decision-making in the land system
  • Socio-economic data for scenario modelling
  • National-sale agent-based modelling
  • Global fire modelling
  • Modelling through games of environmental decision-making
  • Land system tipping points
  • Power-relations in agri-food systems


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